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  1. sir in m.p the gundagardi by abvp (bjp) and nsui(congress) student wing is creating havoc in universities and colleges these are local gundas of the national polotical parties.
    remembered the death of professor sabarbal in ujjain by abvp. all thought they all were released by law due to technical ground/lack of evidence but one cannot deny the reality.
    in jabalpur university july 09. heavy tudphod, ramson was done by these peoples., 07/02/10 in techamgarh pricipal was beaten up by these student political leaders in the canmpus of member of parliament, these all incidents are highly shamful in the field of education.

    recently RAHUL GANDHI meet students and motivated them to join politics,
    sir the student life is to concentrate in carrier/ make oneself in academic rather than wasting time in politics., if rahul (congress)wants student political leaders are required than they should altogether start the new course/colleges to educate these leaders,
    one has no right to spoil the carrier of youngester for there self interest.

    Comment by dr deepak sahu — February 8, 2010 @ 7:00 | Reply

    • Why a youngster should follow someone whose ideas are not appealing and then curse him/her

      Comment by gulabkothari — June 3, 2010 @ 7:00 | Reply

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